The show must go...all over the place...or something.

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Here have some Narry inspired by the Swiss concert :) [x]

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AUBloggers Liam Payne and Zayn Malik post about their trip around the world.

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football jewelries | Granit Xhaka (requested by anon)

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football jewelries | Xherdan Shaqiri (requested by anon)

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This is quite possibly my favourite photo from the whole weekend. ‘Getting Sexy’ with Max after spanking his ass was far too much fun. Miss this dude! He’s honestly one of the most amazing guys I’ve ever met. He gives great hugs and compliments too ;)

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New picture of Zayn and Perrie’s cousin.

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Scanned version of my photo with Darren Criss. I will never ever forget the fact that when sat opposite him at the M&G I was like ‘Darren, I have something to show you that you won’t be able to see from over there. It’s quite small’ and he didn’t hear the small part and started to chant ‘boobs boobs boobs boobs’ and it was funny. Long story short, Darren thought I was gonna flash my boobs for him but instead I showed him my starkid tattoo haha. He’s amazing.

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I want Danny back in Teen Wolf. Why is he not there. Where is he. Explanation please and thank you. Damn you JD why!

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mind blowing.

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Scanned version of my photo with the sassy biatch himself, Mr Dominic Barnes! Love this guy so much. 

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Scanned version of my photo with Joey Richter. This guy is amazing. Like seriously. I waited so long to show him my tattoo and his reaction was perfect. <3

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James Rodriguez medical ahead of joining Real Madrid | 22-07-14

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Liam & Sophia at Hyde Park 7.22.14

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